55 Year Reunion


Now that you have registered/updated your profile, you have joined the community of your fellow classmates.  Via this website you can share notes and events with each or every member as time wends its weary way in the world.  You may wish to send a congratulations to someone regarding the birth of a new grandchild (or, in our case a great-grandchild), commiserate on a recent passing or celebrate almost anything.

This website has proven to be a remarkably valuable tool for connecting with the other classmates and sharing life experiences with them.  You need not use the website merely for the purposes of a reunion; rather, you can use it to continually update your profile in order that the rest of us will know of the new and exciting events in your life.


There's no use denying it!  Now and again (and with increasing frequency) we feel the tug of mortality - but we do not want this valuable website to be negatively affected in the dire case.  So, it's probably a pretty good idea to recruit some other/additional folks who can work the website in case we are forced to the sidelines and have to watch events from above (or below).  If you are interested in helping out or learning about the website, give Dave or John a call.